Voiceover & Podcast Production

Bringing warmth, authenticity, fun, energy, and trust to your project. Let me serve your script.

It's your project. I'm here to help bring it to life.

Whether it's an explainer video, funny car commercial, somber documentary, audiobook, or straigh-forward IVR, I can provide the voice quickly with professional quality.

Custom Built Booth

Designed to filter out most highs and lows, this booth has a -58db noise level. Webcam and wired high-speed internet make it perfect for remote direction.

Professional hardware and software

Stellar X2 Vintage large capsule condenser microphone, EVO 8 audio interface, Logic Pro and Reaper DAW with Waves plug-ins.

Years of speaking experience

School-assembly presenter (1,200 shows over four years), pastor/teacher, trainer, stand-up comedy, improv theater.

Voiceover Projects

Podcast Production

Gil and Brenda Podcast

Normally I just assemble this program based on recordings provided. I was asked to do a special intro for this episode.

Tree & Leaf Wellness

Fully produced. Recorded, edited, mixed, co-host.

Corby Stephens

Voiceover and podcast production. IT and other technical services. Content creation. Jack of all trades, master of some.

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