Technology is frustrating. It's also a necessity in business and in life. My goal is not to make you reliant on me, but to equip you to help yourself. Creating solutions since 1994. (And yes, printers ARE the worst.)

Making it all work, for you.

You've invested in it, or you're about to, and it should work for you. I can help your systems talk to each other, to you, and the world.


Network, computers, printers (oh my!). Do you need your network fixed? Upgraded? Replaced? Does your organization need a technology sustainability plan? Are you trying to print to your off-the-shelf printer, or get the office printing to one of those big machines that you lease? I'm at your service.


Is your website broken? Do you or your office need a custom database? Are you looking to control your own phone system? Need help getting setup on Google Workspace? Maybe you need some kind of solution to a problem and you don't even know what the options are. I'm at your service.

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Specializing in equipment from Ubiquiti.

While networking is networking, sometimes a company makes really good and really affordable gear. The UniFi line of products from Ubiquiti is just so. I've been working with their stuff since 2007 and can recommend it for its ease of use and management.

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UniFi Network

Routers, the latest wi-fi standards, switches with PoE (Power ovr Ethernet), from home office, to small-business, to multi-campus or branch office secure VPN connections. All controlled from your phone or web browser.

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UniFi Protect

Security camera system with 1080p to 4k video quality. Indoor and outdoor, all conveniently connected over one wire for network and power.. Your video lives on your own recorder, not in the cloud, and is accessible via your phone or a web browser.

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UniFi Access

Keycard door access to your space. Door lock and unlock schedules. PIN pad and camera units to simple badge scanners. Assign and revoke access to your locations. And, you guessed it, all from your phone or web browser.

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Wireless Bridging

Do you have a garage, shop, out building, or second office across the street that you want to connect to your main network without the hassle of wires or additional internet service? AirOS products from Ubiquiti can connect your facilities at speeds above 1Gb.

List of Nerdery, er, Services (for you and the search engines).

Operating Systems
  • macOS 10 through current
  • Windows XP through 11
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Routing - WAN and internal LANs
  • Wi-Fi - private and guest networks
  • Switching - VLANs, PoE
  • Media - copper, fiber, wireless bridging
  • Internet Service Provider integration - Xfinity, CenturyLink, Lumen, Frontier, and others
  • Remote access, bronch office and remote location VPN (Virtual Private Network) integration
VoIP (Voice over IP)
  • Help using current system
  • Design and install new system from scratch
  • 3CX PBX VoIP server, Yealink and Fanvil phones
  • Help with existing site
  • Wordpress - experience with Thrive Themes, Divi, and Elementor
  • Rapidweaver - Foundry framework (this site)
  • Claris FileMaker Pro, local and server
  • Web based via CakePHP and Bootsrap themes
Stuff that doesn't fit
  • Google Workspace
  • Windows Virtual Servers
  • Strategic and sustainability planning
  • Home entertainment integration
  • I love local business-to-business! If you're in Clark County, WA, especially Ridgfield, I'd love to be of service.

Initial consultation is free. Whether you have no idea what you need or know exactly what you want but don't know how to do it, I'm at your service. Let's talk.

Corby Stephens

Voiceover and podcast production. IT and other technical services. Content creation. Jack of all trades, master of some.

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