Some people live in the blogosphere. They live to read, live to write, live to comment, or all three. If there were enough that was of interest to me (and I’m sure there is, more than enough), I could be a reader or even a commenter. But I couldn’t really be a die hard writer. Why? Because, I’m a pastor.

I’m an introvert. Among other things, that means I do most of my thinking and processing on the inside. I am an extreme introvert which means that there is actually a whole lot going on in my head. It’s like I have my own cable company with hundreds of channels that I’m always flipping through, looking for something interesting to land on (which isn’t often!). There is always a show going. I could blog a whole stream of consciousness, but then I would get nothing done. If I blogged what I spent most of my time pondering, things I really thought about or troubled me or concerned me or made me happy, I’d have to resign. If I blogged like the average blogger blogged, I could get into real trouble. Thoughts about other people (good or bad), thoughts about situations or circumstances (good or bad), would be really inappropriate. I can’t even really blog about myself for the same reasons. Pastors can’t really be real to the whole world unless it’s framed in just the right context so as not to be taken and mutated into some poisonous venom that brings about a slow and painful death. (Been there, done that.)

I’d like to blog everyday. I’ve found that it’s actually a good way to bring order to the chaos that is the Borg collective consciousness of my mind. When I sit and think about one thing from many angles, I learn. But I can’t really blog in the truest sense of the word. You know, like teenagers or college students, or disgruntled employees. So, here’s to being careful behind the keyboard.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have even written this. You didn’t read this. You didn’t read anything…