When the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) craze hit it was initially a pretty cool thing. Christians began to reconsider their actions, their choices in light of what Jesus might do in a similar situation. The downside is that it led to much speculation and justification of behavior that was unacceptable.

Instead of asking WWJD we should ask WDJD, What Did Jesus Do? How do we know what Jesus did? By spending time in the Word! I’ve heard of people going to party, going to clubs, going to places that Jesus might have gone to, but for very different reasons and experiencing very different results.

Jesus encountered many a prostitute. Did He sleep with them? Of course not. Did He go looking for them? No, they just showed up in various places he happened to be. What were the results? Their lives were changed! These women were transformed by the grace of God through Jesus. They were prostitutes no more.

Jesus was invited (and invited Himself) to the houses of those considered “sinners” by the religious authorities of the day. Basically He was invited to party. Did He? No. When He left the party people’s lives were changed. He didn’t go to fit in, to build relationships, or to show the world that He was hip. He Himself referred to these people as sick and in need of a physician.

As Christians we are in the world but we are not to be of the world. My favorite example of this is a ship on the sea. Christian, you are the ship floating on the sea of the world. What happens to a boat when it takes on water? It starts to sink! The point? Float on the world but don’t take on water! Pray about what influences are in your life that cause you to take on water. Certain bands? Certain movies or TV shows? Certain friends from the old days? I’m not saying that you should become a hermit or a monk. That’s the wrong extreme. What we should do is reach OUT to the world with the love of Jesus but don’t let the world IN when you do it. Do it like Jesus did it.

WDJD? Read. Learn. Do.