This past Tuesday I had the privilege of teaching at the Fellowship of Christian Optometrists at Pacific U. It was a total answer to prayer to be able to connect with a group of college students. My role is to teach at the weekly Bible study every other week. On the off weeks one of the students will teach a more topical study and I will teach through a book. I chose Galatians because it’s shorter and it’s so meaty about being believers in the world, sticking close to right doctrine, and walking in the power of the Spirit.

When it came time to start the study I asked everyone to open their Bibles. (If you are one of these students and you happened upon this blog, this isn’t an attack on you. Consider it an exhortation and encouragement.) Only one person had a Bible with them, besides me. And he had it by accident. Every Christian, every believer, everyone who claims to be a disciple of Jesus Christ ought to have a Bible with them or easily accessible at all times. It’s just a must. It’s a given.

Why? It’s your bread of life. It’s your water. It’s your sword. We are always in enemy territory. If we go around unarmed we are also undangerous. We have nothing with which to ward off the enemy. We have nothing with which to defend ourselves. Most importantly, we have nothing with which to open and share the words of life. Granted that much of this can be done with scripture we have memorized. That is extremely important. But in this day and age it’s really nothing to carry one around with you.

I do remember what it was like as a college student. It’s often required that you carry all of your books you need for the day’s classes all day long because you don’t have a chance to go back to your dorm to reload. They get heavy! But these days you can get a Bible, a whole BIble that is 3x5x1.5 and weighs next to nothing. If you have a break between classes you can whip it out and read a chapter of Psalms, or the whole book of Jude. get a quick snack as it were.

Christian, God’s word is your lifeline. It is the final answer. Stash one everywhere you are. At your desk, in your car, in your bag or briefcase, especially in your heart. Who knows? Maybe this is why God hasn’t been using you the way He wants to use you, and the way you want to be used. You haven’t been equipping yourself. Try it for a while and see what happens.