Hey everyone! Thanks for the encouraging emails and Facebook messages about last week’s blog post. So helpful! It would be super helpful if you could share the posts you enjoy on your social media feeds, and share some comments on the actual blog posts themselves. We can all encourage one another!

Speaking of encouragement, I’ve started doing some short videos I’m calling Ãœber Up-Lyfting Thoughts. As many of you know I drive for both Ãœber and Lyft. Both are ride-sharing services. I have plenty of time to drive, observe, and chew on stuff. Occasionally the Lord connects some dots for me, and these videos are me sharing them with you. Hopefully they are an encouragement. Here is my most recent one from this morning posted on my YouTube Channel, “You gotta have it before you can give it.”

I’ve made a playlist on my channel especially for this series of videos. Please subscribe to my channel as well! These are being done using Facebook’s Live feature, which means you can also get them if you Like my page on Facebook. 

Thanks for your support and encouragement! Most fun stuff is on the way.