So far as I can tell every command God has for us in His word is accompanied by His promise to enable us to fulfill the command. The promise might not always be spelled out right there next to a given command, but the implication is there. And yet, we all have moments in our lives where we know the Lord has something for us to do, but we think it’s too hard. So we have to stop and ask ourselves if this is too hard for me or if it’s too hard for God?

There are two ways in which something can be too hard for us. The thing is too hard for us to do on our own. Like Moses leading the people out of Egypt. He couldn’t do that on his own, so the Lord was with Him (again, because the command to do it came from the Lord). The other way a thing can be too hard is that it’s too hard for us to trust God to keep up His end of the deal. I wonder if Moses experienced that for a moment when they got the to Red Sea and God said, “Extend your rod and the sea will part.” Did Moses think, “What? You mean You are going to split the sea wide open so we can walk right through it? And all I have to do is hold out this stick?”

If that had been the first thing God has ever asked Moses to do I’m not sure Moses would have been able to handle it. But the fact is, Moses had some experience and some faith under his belt. The first thing God asked Moses to do was throw that same rod to the ground and it would turn into a snake. Moses did, the rod did. But Pharaoh’s magicians did the same thing. Would that not have freaked you out? “God, I thought you had the big guns?” But what happened? Moses’ snake ate the other dude’s snakes. That must have been pretty cool. After that Moses went through the 10 plagues. Those also built up Moses’ faith and experience so that by the time they got to the sea, he would have been like, “OK God, here it goes!”
But Moses had to start somewhere. We do to. What is God asking of you? It might be a big deal to you, like throwing that rod and praying it turns into a snake, but it’s only the beginning of what God can and will do through you if you learn, if you practice trusting Him. So are you ready? Throw down!