The not-so-calm before the storm

Well, we made it down here. So far the most I’ve paid for gas is $4.15/gallon. Still shocking. The car is getting descent millage for what is is. About 21mpg. The trip was incident free PTL. However, here is the not-so-calm part.

At least every third driver in Southern California is an idiot. That is the nicest way I can put it. By the way they drive it would seem that their ability to get to where they want to go is more important that the lives of other people or their families. There can be no other explanation. They just don’t care if you live or die so long as they can get to where they want to be. It was pretty nerve racking. It isn’t even the speed they drive (apparently the speed limit signs mean minimum speed not maximum). It’s the lane changing plus the speed. Seriously nerve racking.

Now its Monday morning. The SPC theme is “Pastoring in the Last Days.” John McCain is publicly pointing out that Iran has publicly said repeatedly that one of their objectives is to wipe Israel off the map (finally someone says it out loud). If hurricanes hit certain places gas will easily go to $6/gallon. The church is being led to its doctrinal happy place as the Emergent (not emerging) Church continues to redefine heaven, hell, the nature of Jesus, etc. Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!

The storm part referred to above could be any number of things. There is a vibe of uncertainty regarding this conference. Some love it and some hate it. Some are unsure. And I’m talking about those within CC. I think it’s going to be an interesting juggling act between the verse-by-verse stuff thought 1 Thessalonians and the topical session that are about certain theological viewpoints to which CC holds. More specifically the personalities who will be presenting those viewpoints. As I’ve said before, I’m here mostly out of morbid curiosity. I want to be here to witness any “action” that may take place.

At the same time I’m thinking about my last study in Acts for next Sunday, launching a new study in 1&2 Thessalonians (yes, it is coincidence), and working on my paper/book I’ve been putting off. While I’m down here I hope to do some video blogging of various things, and so others can see the digs down here. It’s pretty cool. I’ll be posting my own personal thoughts an impressions of the conference. No study notes or outlines. I hate taking notes, that’s what DVDs are for. See you later today!

  1. If you think that is bad, you should try Medford OR. It is like it was a small town with only a few people on the road and overnight, poof, 70,000 people at once.

    next time take me with you and I will drive. I love the traffic.

  2. I totally know what you mean. I will never drive in California again! They are insane! I will avoid it like the plague. You are brave Corby. I was almost ran off the road going 95 mph by a semi and being boxed in all at the same time. I about died! Literally! Brave, brave fella.

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