Ryan Couch (and anyone who went to CCBC during the Twin Peaks years) can attest that the phrase/verse “Don’t despise the day of small things” was ground into our heads for a reason. Back in the day I felt like the ministry/servanthood required course was forced slave labor. Some people cleaned the conference rooms. Some people set-up and cleaned-up for the conference center meals. Some people did security. And whenever someone started to gripe, someone else would whip out, “Don’t despise the day of small things.”

“I didn’t come here to place silverware and napkins. I came hear to study God’s word so I could go out one day and teach it to God’s people. What does doing any of this for five to eight days a week have to do with that?” Short answer; everything. For example. We recently changed the name of our church. This means that some signage needed to be changed. We are a small church which means to do stuff on the cheap while trying not to look cheap. We have six signs that we put out every week to direct people to the place we rent on Sundays. Six signs, two sides, basically 12 signs. Tonight, my wife and I spent about two hours with a blow dryer and our finder nails removing the vinyl lettering of our old name and web address and putting the new stuff on. Putting on is easy. Removing is a “small thing.”

As we were doing this that verse came to mind. I had to stop and remind her of that lesson learned. Not that she was complaining or needed reminding. It was more like, “I guess they knew what they were talking about.” Ministry can really be about the small things. Folding bulletins. Making a diaper run for the nursery because you have the church plastic. Setting up and taking down chairs when no one else can make it. Redoing your own signage. It would be really easy to say, “This is stupid. Why am I doing this? I’m the (fill in the blank).” But that isn’t what Jesus did. He, too, did not despise the day of small things.

Walk as He walked.