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Is sincere faith what matters most?

It’s election time. No, not in the Calvinist sense, but in the political sense. Though there are some that would argue that who the next president will be has already been determined buy “them”. But I digress....

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The not-so-calm before the storm

Well, we made it down here. So far the most I’ve paid for gas is $4.15/gallon. Still shocking. The car is getting descent millage for what is is. About 21mpg. The trip was incident free PTL. However, here is the...

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Here we go!

Monday starts the CC Senior Pastors Conference. Having some social anxiety disorder means that I’m not as excited about going to this thing as others might be. Kelley Taylor actually had to bribe me to go this year....

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What matters, who matters

So far as I know I’m not a prophet like Daniel or Ezekiel, people whom God used to convey facts about the future. Still, watching words and thoughts and books that are all the buzz these days, I can see the potential for...

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What we are not

I’ve found myself resonating a lot with Mark Driscoll lately. Yes, I know he’s reformed and Calvinist, that’s not what I mean. I mean most everything else I’ve heard from him. His attitude towards...

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