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Cold isn’t a bad thing

The cold weather they are forecasting for this weekend got me thinking. There is an very popular and equally misunderstood passage in Revelation 3 where Jesus tells the Laodiceans that he wishes they were either hot or cold, but...

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A Powerful Lesson from ER

This ER clip has made the rounds on the internet for a while. This version has a commentary by Ray Comfort and uses the clip to present the Gospel. Very cool.  

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Why is this news?

I’ve seen this covered by several news agencies and am absolutely baffled by it. The headline from Foxnews.com says, “Pre-Christian Stone Tablet Foretells Resurrection”. It goes on to say, “The three-foot...

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The obvious isn’t always so

I saw Return of the Jedi 13 times in the theaters in 1983. I was a bit obsessed. It wasn’t because Princess Leia was in that suit either. However, that suit she had on has become kind of a fan thing for ladies. Lots of...

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