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What matters, who matters

So far as I know I’m not a prophet like Daniel or Ezekiel, people whom God used to convey facts about the future. Still, watching words and thoughts and books that are all the buzz these days, I can see the potential for...

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Post 100!

Dear faithful blog readers (all three of you!), This week I hope to switch over the things previously mentioned in the Repurposed Blog postings. If you read this blog via exchangechurch.com or thebluethread.org, you will soon no...

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Germany part last

Well, that about wraps up the trip. Last night the conference began so that’s about all that’s going on. There are about 50 or so pastors from all over Europe. Ironically, almost all of them are Americans,...

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Germany part 6 – Back to Siegen

I went to bed last night looking forward to (not) a long day of traveling and shmoozing with a bunch of pastors. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t really get to see more than I did while in Berlin. We got up at...

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