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Can I get saved again?

Greg Laurie would be considered by some to be a superstar pastor. I used to think that was always a negative thing. After tonight I don’t. Why not? Because God uses superstars. It would seem that there are some superstar...

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Having fasted and prayed, they sent.

I suppose this could be as generic or specific as one could want it to be. I say that because I have a specific topic in mind because of a specific scriptural example, but the principle could be applied to other areas. I’m...

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Too hard for me, or too hard for God?

So far as I can tell every command God has for us in His word is accompanied by His promise to enable us to fulfill the command. The promise might not always be spelled out right there next to a given command, but the...

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Holiness and liberty part 2: liberty

Man. Do I know how to put a gap between blog entries or what? Sheesh! In the previous entery I vamped about holiness. No need to summarize it when you can just pop over and read it, right? So let’s get into this liberty...

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