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Judging God

Job 38:21 For many chapters Job has been saying that God has been acting unjustly, that he is in the right, and God has not answered him. All of that is over. God now turns the tables and asks Job a few questions. You gotta love...

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Mother Nature vs Father God

Job 37:11-13 Have you ever noticed on TV how, when describing something beautiful in nature it is attributed to “Mother Nature,” yet when something like a hurricane or tsunami is labeled an “act of God”?...

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Tragedy Makes Good Story

Job 36:15 There was a house in the neighborhood where grew up that was notorious for being beautiful and run down all at the same time. The bushes were over grown. The paint was faded. You really couldn’t tell if someone...

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We Know You’re Not Perfect

Job 34:5-6 It’s amazing how quickly our own shortcomings can disappear when we are dealing with some kind of suffering. We say things like, “I haven’t done anything that bad. I haven’t raped or murdered...

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