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Post CCSPC 2008 Syndrome

As I think I said in the “Here we go” post, I could have gotten as much out of the sessions if I had stayed home and watched the DVDs. That isn’t to say there was/is anything wrong with the sessions, it has...

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Can I get saved again?

Greg Laurie would be considered by some to be a superstar pastor. I used to think that was always a negative thing. After tonight I don’t. Why not? Because God uses superstars. It would seem that there are some superstar...

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Session 1, workshop 1, session 2

Greetings race fans. This afternoon Mike Macintosh taught from 1 Thesslonians 1. It was good. I especially liked how he emphasized the role/power of the Spirit, how everyone deals with speed bumps in the walk, even if they feel...

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