Does Worship Reflect Biblical Literacy?

While out on my walk this morning I was listening to a certain teacher’s podcast. He made an interesting observation that got me thinking. I don’t know if the observation is original to him, but it is an interesting one. It went something like this. Many of those in the emergent church movement (ECM) have […]

Is sincere faith what matters most?

It’s election time. No, not in the Calvinist sense, but in the political sense. Though there are some that would argue that who the next president will be has already been determined buy “them”. But I digress. Much is being made of the candidates faith, especially in light of the recent whoop-tee-doo at Saddleback. Particularly […]

The Gods Aren’t Angry?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything substantial on this thing. been going through some stuff that I may or may not blog about, we shall see. I’ve also been considering finally writing about some the of the challenges of stepping into a church the way I did. I think it’s been long enough […]

CCSPC 2008 – Day 4, for real

Day Four, the last day of the conference. Jess and the boys spent the night at a friends house so I’m solo this last morning. I tried to sleep as much as possible before loading the car and heading over. I really wanted some coffee but was late for breakfast. I get to the conference […]