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I call to the stand, you.

I like fictional legal dramas. Perry Mason, Law & Order, 12 Angry Men, A Few Good Men. Real legal dramas in the media just aren’t as interesting. OJ, BTK, The Menendez Brothers. While I feel for the families, I...

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The first Sunday of the year we did something that I read Jim Cymbala does at Brooklyn Tabernacle. Instead of a study we had prayer. Instead of worship and study it was worship and prayer. People dug it so much that they said we...

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Post 100!

Dear faithful blog readers (all three of you!), This week I hope to switch over the things previously mentioned in the Repurposed Blog postings. If you read this blog via exchangechurch.com or thebluethread.org, you will soon no...

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What is Calvary Chapel anyway?

With all of the hub-bub being raised online at SimpleMindedPreacher and Phoenix Preacher regarding the various observed problems with the Calvary Chapel movement and individual fellowships, the arguments for and against the...

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