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Session 1, workshop 1, session 2

Greetings race fans. This afternoon Mike Macintosh taught from 1 Thesslonians 1. It was good. I especially liked how he emphasized the role/power of the Spirit, how everyone deals with speed bumps in the walk, even if they feel...

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What is Calvary Chapel anyway?

With all of the hub-bub being raised online at SimpleMindedPreacher and Phoenix Preacher regarding the various observed problems with the Calvary Chapel movement and individual fellowships, the arguments for and against the...

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Re-purposed Blog, part 2

So, yet more changes. In a way I’m relieved, in a way I’m kinda bummed. Chad has decided to hang on to SMP and make it a private discussion forum. That’s cool. That’s totally his prerogative. Obviously...

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Re-purposed Blog

Man! Between the moment I clicked “New post” until now, the world has radically changed. Well, not the whole world, but my online world at least. I’ll write what I intended to write, then what’s going on...

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