Finding Joy In Not Being A Jerk

The following text comes from my teaching notes from this session. The audio is available via the podcast at The Blue Thread and in the player below. The video is from a Facebook Live feed. Bible Overview – super summarize The Bible 66 books… One book, One Author, One Story. The OT wouldn’t make sense without […]

How I’m Currently Reading God’s Word

Bathing in the word. Daily devotions. There are all kinds of metaphors and ways to describe one’s Bible reading, and one should read the Bible. I’ve seen and used so many plans over the years. Topically based plans and scheduled plans. I wanted to take a moment and share how I’m currently reading The Bible. It’s something […]

Where Do Human Rights Come From?

I find it interesting that every human being on the planet has a sense of right and wrong, and that what makes up that sense of right and wrong is virtually universal. From the deepest, darkest, metropolitan jungle, to the deepest, darkest, meso-american jungle, everyone has a built-in sense that things like murder, stealing, and […]