1 Peter 3:8-17 Sympathetic Resonance

Highlights 3:8 One mind – think the same thing, same understanding. How do we have this one mind? 1 Cor 2:16, Philippians mind of Christ. Romans 12:2. If we are all being transformed we should all be of one mind. having compassion – sympathetic resonance. Like notes resonating on a piano’s strings. We need to have […]

Bibles and Birth Certificates

I’ve never really been a fan of Andy Stanley. I’ve never really been down on him either. I just don’t see what all the fuss is about concerning his church or him as a leader or speaker. Then again, I don’t really get into the sub culture of celebrity church leadership. Andy seems to get […]

Christians Aren’t Dangerous, But They Should Be

The recent bombing at the Boston Marathon and reported religious connection of the suspects has some critics comparing fundamentalist Muslims who kill in the name of Allah with fundamentalist Christians like who do stupid things in the name of Jesus, like bomb abortion clinics or protest military funerals. As I was pondering those comparisons the […]

Misconception, Over-spiritualize, Emphasis

Job 15:20 Eliphaz, like many Bible teachers and many the believers who follow them, is under the misconception that people who do bad things only and always only have bad things happen to them, while people who are good and “Godly” will only and always ever have good things happen to them. Really? What about […]

Cold isn’t a bad thing

The cold weather they are forecasting for this weekend got me thinking. There is an very popular and equally misunderstood passage in Revelation 3 where Jesus tells the Laodiceans that he wishes they were either hot or cold, but because they were luke warm he was going to vomit them out. The popular understanding is […]