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2009 SPC Day 4

It’s the last day. Brian Brodersen is up and then Chuck. Because of how I booked my flight I have to leave right after Brian. Gotta make time for Chick-fil-a on the way to the airport ya know. 😉 Respect! I’ve said my...

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2009 SPC, Day 3

First off, Ken Armstrong is a really cool guy. (I get to go to Israel for free now.) Mike Macontosh started off the. There is a story that is being left untold and it sounds very tragic. However, it seems to have greatly...

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2009 SPC Day 2

For me, today was very different than yesterday. These days should not be thought of better or worse, just different. Yesterday I really connected with what Zach and Dave had to say. Today, I didn’t so much connect with...

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2009 SPC Day 1

We are most of the way through Day 1 of the conference. It’s free time and it’s very pleasant outside. Not too hot. I like that. I’m a NW wimp. I like it cool, gray, and a little rainy. First up today was a...

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