I forgot to mention that yesterday I had the chance to be a part of the Q&A panel at the end of the day. They were a person short. It was fun. I shared that I used to be a professional yoyo player. That meant that I had to do a brief demo today right before the lunch break. I was a bit nervous as I hadn’t done any tricks in front of a crowd in some time (as in years). They seemed to enjoy it.
Of the three distinctives I was most interested in study, needless to say (but I said it anyway). So, here are the notes from the day.

Paul’s session.
Review. Anointing given for purpose, to achieve, it’s a gift.
Anointing is not an island.
The reasons our problems are so consistent is because we don’t like the solution. (nail in head video)

How do we block anointing?
1 Sam 1:1-20 Hannah.
  • Sometimes pain produces a pledge. What kind of pain do the people I serve feel? Do they feel God’s pain? A person’s agenda is tested in time of pleasure and not pain.
  • We need Elkanahs in our lives, people who will support us in the promises we make to The Lord.
  • We need people who care more about us than their own personal agenda.
Numbers 13:31-33 Moses, spies bad report
  • Moses allowed the spies to decide.
  • They weren’t seeking the same purpose.
  • Moses was seeking to be fair.
Isaiah 54:2-3 The Pais Story
Jonah 1:8-9. Jonah runs away.
  • Anointing is limited to appointing. Limited when you go outside of your purpose.

Notes from Johnny

Before you can share God’s story you have to share your story. Before you can share your story you have to hear theirs.
Five questions to ask outside of HD to lead people into HD.
  1. What did you like about the passage?
  2. What didn’t you like about the passage?
  3. Was there anything you didn’t understand?
  4. What did we Lear about God from the passage?
  5. If we were to apply what we have learned from the passage to our lives, what would that look like? (Individually and as a community)
The friendship side of things is the foundation not the goal.