Another deep and intriguing post, sure to rock the foundations. (not!) This topic seems appropriate what with the Indy 4 moving coming out on DVD next week.

Why was Harrison Ford willing to reprise the Indy character, but has said that he would never reprise Han Solo? (I don’t have a link to a direct quote, but it is something I’ve heard him say in interviews on TV.) He has said things to the effect that he took the Solo character as far as he could, that there wasn’t much more depth to it. Seriously? Like Indy is that much deeper than Han. C’mon.

Han left the Imperial Academy on principle. He freed an enslaved Wookie. He left a lucrative career as a smuggler to free the galaxy. There’s more to him than meets the eye. Especially when you read the EU books like the New Jedi Order series. When that series first came out the characters were about the same ages as the actors who played the. As I read them I could imagine a new movie (or series) based on these books. Granted Carrie Fisher would have to go through a total body transformation to be a lightsabre wielding Jedi, but you can do anything with computers these days. The Han character goes through a complete and total transformation, with character challenges to give any actor plenty to work with.

What about Indy? While he is also a rogue like Han, I don’t see him as having any more depth. At all. Harrison talks about the craft of acting. One’s ability to act is often limited to the character being played, not the individual’s particular skill set. And I have to admin, Han didn’t offer much to work with in the films. But he has at least as much as Indy. So why reprise one over the other? Especially then the property hadn’t been touched in 20+ years while Star Wars had a thriving community and well to draw from? Preference I guess.

I would love it if Harrison, Carrie, and Mark read through the Thrawn trilogy, or The New Jedi Order series, and then talked about if they would (if they could) make those stories come to life on screen. Especially Luke’s two-lightsabre fight to free Jason early on. Anyway, that’s my beef. I think Han Solo has way more to offer than Indiana Jones. At least in Han’s universe aliens are normal and really exist. Indy meets The X-Files? Really?