Here’s Rico – Groove of the Week


The Groove of the Week for October 28, 2019 is ​​Here's Rico​ from the Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack released in 2004.

What to listen for: ​It's the bass that ​catches me on this one. It stands out and doesn't get in the way. It's only a three-piece groove; bass, drums, and some kind of clavinet(?) but they weave 53 seconds of just strutting confidence. Do it, I dare you; walk down the hallway at work with this song in year head and see if you don't feel a strut coming on.

The ​Apple Music and ​Spotify previews below (whichever is available) give you 30 seconds of groove. Beyond that you will need to sign in to your preferred platform.

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​Did you like this groove? Did it help you this week? Have a suggestion? Add a comment below​, I'd love to hear from you.

What is the Groove of the Week?

​Think of it as the Main Title Theme for you in the soundtrack of your week. This is the theme you are going to play when you start your day, or when you need to refocus ​after getting distracted. ​​​

​The Groove might be jazz, classical, classic rock, gospel, who knows. But it is your Hero Theme to get you back into the zone, the groove.

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Married 25 years, two grown sons, 20+ years in professional IT as well as pastoral ministry, public speaker, standup, writer, Bible teacher, just passing on what I have learned.

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