In June of this year I posted a Reader’s Survey to help me get a sense of who actually reads, listens to, and watches this stuff, as well as what people find to be the most useful. I’m very happy to say that I got 25 responses, which is 25 more than I had before! Here is a summary of the information collected and some ways I’m hoping to engage with it all.

Some of the questions have results that look all cool in a graph, so let’s start with those.

What is your gender?

Most of my audience is men. Good to know.

What is your age?

Most of my audience is between the ages of 35-44. Also good to know.

In the past, what kinds of content from me or my site has influenced the most change in your life?

From here on out is where the results get interesting. It’s my first time making a survey and one thing I learned is to think through the questions and how the answers might cross over. In some cases the majority of results contradict the results or comments in another question. In this case, more people have been influenced by my teaching/speaking than anything else I’ve done. (BTW, I do plan on adding my teaching library to the site. Anyone want to volunteer for that project?) A close second was personal blog posts, meaning posts where I included personal stories of victory or struggle.

What kind of content would you most like to see in the future?

I guess people like what I’m doing! Yay!

In what ways do you learn best?

I think I set this question up so that people could pick all that apply, which is how two answers make up 60% each of the results. I do plan on more writing, of course, and I’m trying to plan some easy ways to do some quality videos, in addition to the more informal Facebook Live stuff like Driving Thoughts.

OK, no more pretty pictures. The rest of the questions were open ended and allowed people to type in whatever they wanted. I’ve gone through and categorized/grouped the responses. Responses with an * are the ones that were the most common in that section.

If you knew that knowing God’s word better would cause Him to be more present and powerful in a particular area of your life, what area would you want that to be?

It’s a long and wordy question. The shortened idea turned out to be The Bible In Your Life.

  • Relationship with God
    • Prayer
    • * Trust / Faith / Confidence
    • Always being His bride
    • Sharing the Gospel
    • Discipling others
    • Boldness vs fear
    • Preaching
  • Family Life
    • * Parenting
    • Work & home life
  • Personal / Interpersonal
    • Sexuality
    • Deep desires of life
    • Being content, making the best out of life situations
    • Coworkers
    • * Relationships
  • General
    • Having a single focus
    • Diligence in all areas of life
    • Future plans
    • Vocationally
    • * Physical health
    • Emotional health

Is that all? Easy-peasy! Ok, sarcasm. I’m really excited to get into those areas as some are my favorites and some I’ve not explored. I’m looking forward to learning and sharing new stuff!

What is a book of the Bible, Bible theme, theological area, or anything at all that you would like to know better at this point in your life?

Again, it’s a long and wordy question. The shortened idea turned out to be Your Life In The Bible.

  • Bible Texts
    • The Prophets
    • Leviticus
    • Old Testament
    • Gospels
    • * Revelation, prophetic books
  • Bible Context and Culture
    • * History, context, how the Bible interconnects with itself
    • Jewish history
    • How God transcends culture, regardless of upbringing and experience
    • LGBT in our culture
    • Early church and church life as it should be today
  • Bible In Action
    • Showing and applying love & righteousness with mercy and grace
    • Church discipline
      • Corrupt pastors
      • Hypocritical Christians
      • People using the Gospel as a license to sin
      • Grace is opposed to earning, but not effort
    • * Getting and acting on direction from God
      • How to know if I am called to do something
      • Being guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit
      • Vocation and calling
    • Relationships
      • Marriage
      • Family
      • Work
    • God’s ever-present care and concern for our lives, how He provides, and our faith in His work.
  • Bible Themes and Theology
    • Christ’s love
    • Redemption
    • Grace
    • * End times
  • Other
    • Anything that makes me process with my head and/or my heart without giving me the answer.

Alrighty then! I love this stuff! I love that people want to go deeper into it all! You got it

Corby, forget all that. This is what I want you to know, and this is what I want you to do.

Wow. This last question produced answers I did not anticipate but came at the right time. My intention for this question was a place for people to suggest things I hadn’t touched on yet. Topics, media, whatever. In my mind it was a big catch-all question for “Other.” Here is a summary of what I got instead, and I’m very, very thankful for it all!

  • Use your humor.
  • Have more fun!
  • You are awesome and loved.
  • Know that the Lord is using and blessing you.
  • I’m grateful you’ve stayed faithful over the many years and through trials. Keep it up, hopefully without the trials.
  • Just do it. You have a gift and a knack.
  • I like hearing teaching based on personal stories and testimony. Hearing struggles and victories makes it real and relatable.
  • More stories of personal challenges and how God taught and grew you through them.
  • Share what you hear from the Lord.

I’m humbled and a little embarrassed. These are going into my “encouragement file.” Every pastor or person in ministry should have one. Those that do have one usually have a very small one. Mine just got a little bit bigger. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now what?

I have no shortage of stuff to create and no excuse for writers block, that’s for sure. The challenges going forward are my own discipline, planning, and time management. My employment status is changing soon and I plan on a post about that. It should enable me to be more predictably productive. Here is what’s on the horizon.

  • A video series of interviews featuring Jess (my wife) and I on marriage and parenting.
  • Written posts, many of which will include an informally produced video.
  • Primarily more formally produced videos with written content.
  • More Notes from the Road Podcast interviews (popular!)

If you are one who has read this far and really like what I do, here some simple things you can do to help.

  1. Comment on posts here on the blog. It will help us to build a community.
  2. Share the posts to your social media. Its super simple. Just click the button for either Facebook or Twitter from the top or bottom of the post.
  3. Subscribe to the podcasts. Notes from the Road consists of interviews with people about how they build God’s word into their lives. The Blue Thread consists of devotionals and Bible studies from yours truly.
  4. Rate and review the podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or however you do the podcast thing.

Thank you so much for the suggestions and encouragement! I’m looking forward to seeing this continue to develop. I’m even more looking forward to your participation!