Man! Between the moment I clicked “New post” until now, the world has radically changed. Well, not the whole world, but my online world at least. I’ll write what I intended to write, then what’s going on now, and what my new plan is.

Looking at my own blog, looking at what I’d like to do and what can be done to reach out to our community and to Pacific University with the internet, it became clear to me that my blog isn’t really for anyone but myself. Perhaps a few people in the church, a few people online throw a comment in here and there, but it isn’t really functioning for anyone by myself. It’s been my own venting, my own thinking, my own my own. My hope is that it would be a draw, something to get people in my area talking. I failed miserably in my execution.
To that end, my plan is to start a new, separate blog that is more geared to getting people thinking and talking about the word, what it means, Bible difficulties, what it means to live it out, specifically people around where I live (though it’s open to anyone!). A more practical blog where an open community can develop. This blog you are reading now would go on in but it would not be the primary blog that is mirrored on the church website. The new one would be.
That was my plan.
After I clicked the button to start the entry and before I started typing, just for grins I checked out SMP. While I may have resigned my post there, I still care about what’s going on there. To my utter surprise and astonishment Chad decided to pull the blog. ALL of the posts were deleted, it was totally shut down. He then posted a link to his personal blog explaining why he did it. In it he expressed that he is open to someone else taking up the mantle of the SMP.
I felt compelled in the Spirit, pushed even, to do just that. (Incidentally, quite the firestorm came down on The Phoenix Preacher over this. It’s still a firestorm after five hours and will go into the night I’m sure.) I emailed Chad and said I would do it. He agreed. We are working out the technical details right now. I realized after I initially left that it was really my only source of pastoral community. Generally like minded, younger CC pastors. Sure we bumped up against each other, but that can be good for you. It can be bad, and it was there for a while, but it can be good.
So I have decided to try and reinvent, repurpose, re-imagine The Simple Minded Preacher. My hope is to go back to its roots, its original mission, and then carefully and deliberately try and move it forward. I want it to be more focused. Some would read that as censorship. That isn’t the point. My hope is to keep it on track as much as possible. While will be open, it will be limited to a degree as well. Sounds good on paper anyway. 😉
So, if you are a fan of this space, keep checking back. Depending on how you access this blog (via,, or you will see something different soon. For those who access this via blogspot, it will look the same. On the other two sites you will see something different. You will probably see links to the various options for a time, and then the new blog I hope to start as a semi-outreach. So if you want to keep up with this one specifically, go to and bookmark it, subscribe to the feed, whatever. Other wise, stay tuned.
For fans of SMP, stay tuned there as well. Things should be up soon.