So, yet more changes. In a way I’m relieved, in a way I’m kinda bummed. Chad has decided to hang on to SMP and make it a private discussion forum. That’s cool. That’s totally his prerogative. Obviously some people are going to hate it and think people are going into hiding and this isn’t right and on and on. Oh well. People have the right to do their own thing. I think Chad’s motives are good and right. So good on him.

Am I going to participate in SMP 1.5? I’m not sure yet. “How can you say that when you were willing to run the whole thing just yesterday?” Easy. Like this; I’m not sure yet. It’s a totally different thing to be a part of a private, blocked, password protected, “underground” community. It’s different on the inside and the outside. Not worse than, not better than, just different. I don’t know if I want to do what we did on SMP 1.0 in a forum like that. I think a middle ground is doable. A more controlled public forum can work. At least, I think it can.
At any rate, do stay tuned to SMP and see what’s going on. It doesn’t change what I had planned for my own blog(s) so of course stay tuned here. I’m game to talking about things CC here as well.