Scripture – Number 17:5, God speaking to Moses
And the staff of the man whom I choose will blossom; so I will rid myself of the complaints of the Israelites, which they murmur against you.
God hates complaining. Whether it be about what they have, don’t have, who is in charge, who isn’t in charge, complaining displeases God. Yet God had a plan, a process for the Israelites. He was taking them through something, to something.
Rarely do I complain for the purpose of complaining. There is always some kind of justification behind it, at least from my perspective. If I complain, I’m entitled to because something is unjust, unfair, out of place, needs to be fixed or addressed, and I have the answer dang it! The truth is, complaining demonstrates a lack of trust in God and His plan. God has given us a way to make our requests and needs made known unto Him. It’s called prayer. The difference is where our heart is.
Lord, I’m sorry for any complaining I’ve done. Instead of griping I should be praying, seeking Your will, Your best for me, not my will or my best for me. The times I might complain are opportunities to correct my heart, if I remember that You are taking me though something, to something. Help me to remember that.