I heard about the book, Pure Eyes, A Man’s Guide to Sexual Integrity this past spring at a men’s conference. It’s primarily directed at men and addition to pornography. I have to say that pornography has become labeled as an especially bad sin which makes it that much more difficult to deal with both privately and publicly. Sin is sin. Granted, porn is a much more personal and relationship oriented sin, but that doesn’t make it any worse than lying, stealing, coveting, etc. And it isn’t just a “man” thing either. The people who made this book are also making books for women.

All that to say that I really appreciated that the writers didn’t take the approach of “you’re a really dirty person if you are hooked on porn.” Rather, they tried to fight that stigma and get down to the brass tacks; it’s sin.

This book looks at the biochemical element of pornography. Were you aware that it produces responses in the brain that are just like most narcotics, such a heroine? The more you consume porn the more you are a junkie to the chemistry, not so much the imagery, but the imagery is where you get your hit.

This book looks at the spiritual/emotional implications of porn as it relates to our relationship with the Lord and with other people. It doesn’t just blast away with condemnation, it looks at how God has wired us for intimacy and has provided appropriate outlets both with Him and with our spouse.

This book also provides personal testimonies of people who have been healed of their additions, as well as practical steps to help get healing. One of the more interesting (and obvious but never talked about) practical processes is something they call “binary thinking.” Binary thinking takes a baby-steps, “yes or no” approach to the steps that lead us to stumbling. For example, let’s say there is a movie I want to watch that has a love scene in it. There is there potential that I will watch this movie and want to see more graphic stuff, like porn. The question, “Should I watch this movie?” become a binary decision, yes or no? It take the discipline, as well as builds it, to be able to recognize situations that will provide opportunities to go too far.

I recommend this book for personal reading, suggesting as a resource, and as a small group study guide.