So far as I can tell, in many places on the planet, when two people get married, the assets of both people no longer belong to them individually, they are one. They each are now beneficiaries of the other’s stuff. What’s more, they also acquire the debt of the other person. After all, “the two shall become one.”

In America, when a couple get’s divorced, what typically happens is that the assets (and presumably the debt) the couple had gets split 50/50. If one person entered the marriage rich and the other poor, the poor person doesn’t walk away poor, they walk away with half. However, and I don’t know how new of an invention this is, there is something that a couple can enter into before getting married to prevent this from happening. It’s called a prenuptial agreement. It spells out who has the rights to what if the marriage ends in divorce.

As I think through my own walk with the Lord, and as I survey the body of Christ at large, it seems to me that we enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ with a prenuptial agreement.

Jesus in Our Lives
We don’t understand the debt that Jesus absorbed. We don’t understand that Jesus has taken upon Himself all of our debt and paid it in full on the cross. He became sin so that we could be righteous. We limit the access God has in our lives. We don’t let Him have access to all of our assets. We don’t give all of ourselves to Him. We limit how much control He has over us. Those who try Jesus and bail on Him entered into the thing with a prenup.

Us in Jesus’ Life
We don’t understand or realize what we have access to in Jesus. We don’t get who and what we are in Him. We don’t take advantage of the exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ever ask or think. We have not because we ask not. We don’t leave the world and cleve unto Jesus.

What conditions have you put on Jesus? What conditions do you think Jesus has put on you that may not even be reality? What are you missing out on in His life? What are you keeping Him from in yours?

Tear up that prenup. Give yourself over to Him completely. After all, He gave Himself over completely to you and for you.