For anyone who might say that God doesn’t speak to people personally anymore, I would beg to differ. This morning I heard very clearly from the Holy Spirit. Does that sound weird? I suppose it does, but it shouldn’t. I mean, when you read the Bible it’s pretty clear that God speaks to people. Why would he stop doing that? When I got in the van this morning to go to church, before I even turned the key, I very clearly got this message; “Be cool.”

Not the Fonzy kind of cool. That’s kind of impossible. More like, “Chill out” kind of cool. And I wasn’t even stressed out. Seriously. Put in spiritual terms, “Be at peace.” Hm. Curious. OK, I’ll roll that way. It should have been a clue as to how the morning would go.

I get to the school, walk in the door, and the first thing someone asks me is, “Do you know where the alarm panel is?” Yikes! It would seem there was some kind of power glitch over the weekend. The cops weren’t on the way or anything, but the panel in the main hallway was making an awful continuous squawk. I called our emergency contact but apparently got his home voicemail so I left a message. Be cool.

There was indeed a problem with the power in the building. Not all of the lights worked, and none of the electrical outlets seems to be working right. That would mean no sound or words on the screen. After doing some more testing we found an outlet that worked. Yeah! However, the air conditioning wasn’t working. Be cool (pardon the pun). So we propped some doors open for some airflow. The room is mostly big windows and it was sunny thing morning. It got warm in there. The backup generator wasn’t working, or had quit working so that wasn’t an option.

Right before I walked up to start I knelt down to say good morning to a little munchkin. While I was down, the wire for my mic hooked around my shoe. As I stood up I quite cleanly ripped the wire from the plug in my belt back. We had an extra one hand so we swapped it out. Be cool.

Once the service got started we were apparently too loud for a neighbor who came over to complain. Hard, but not impossible to imagine. Why? Because our worship team is only one acoustic guitar, two singers, and a cajon (drum box). How loud could it be? Be cool.

Apparently my earlier voicemail got noticed. About 10 minutes into the study I happened to glance over through the open door that opens to the street and saw an electric company truck pulling up. I then happened to look at the doors in the back of the room and noticed someone looking at me through the windows. I assumed he was the facilities guy wondering what to do, whether or not he could disturb church. I casually waved him in while teaching. The electrical panels are in closets in the room we use so he had to get in there. Then, ALL of the power went out. Sound system, recording equipment, all of it. It was out for the entire rest of the study. Be cool. I got to bust out my preacher lungs so that was kind of fun.

Just as we ended the service the power came back online. The root of the problem? A now crispy squirrel that had chewed into one of three power lines that feed the building from the pole. That’s what caused the alarm and power weirdness. Here’s the thing. Todays study was on 1 Thess. 5:12-28 part of which says, “Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In all things give thanks, for this is God’s will for you.” Today’s lesson was not practice what you preach, but practice while you preach. And I did. We did.

Be cool.