Post 100!

Dear faithful blog readers (all three of you!),

This week I hope to switch over the things previously mentioned in the Repurposed Blog postings. If you read this blog via or, you will soon no longer be able to do so. This blog is driven by and is mirrored at the other two site. If you would like to continue following my verbal and mental adventures, please head over there and bookmark that, and the RSS/Atom feed from that to your reader, whatever you do to keep up. Also, I am considering transferring that blog to a WordPress engine. If you have any feedback either way, please send me an email (you can contact me via and let me know. If I don’t hear from anyone I might just flip the switch (with some warning of course). Actually, if I don’t hear from anyone I might bail on the bog all together, because what’s the point right? 🙂
In other news, I’m still working on the more interactive features of My hope is to offer things that will get people talking and engage our own local community. If we can’t get people to come to church (which wouldn’t shouldn’t be trying to do anyway), and if we have no natural connections with the community (yet), we can get into people’s houses and dorm room with this Internet thing. We can get right in front of their (your) faces and engage with an opportunity to dialog. That’s part of the goal. A piece of the puzzle. The 5th element. OK, I’m done.
And for your viewing pleasure, enjoy this little gem.
  1. Hi Corby!
    I am a faithful lurker from the Missouri. I personally enjoy blogger but accidentally set up our church blogs on my email, so I switched to wordpress. That also allows me to lurk on SMP. 🙂 Anyway just letting you know that I think there are more than 3 of us out here.

  2. Hey,
    I have three blogs on blogger, in a nutshell cause I’m a techo-phobe, advantages/disadvantages to both? Why are you considering changing?

  3. Unholy cow! Four? You guys need to get out more. 😉

    MaryAnne – I’m still weighing the advantages/disadvantages. Some ads are that it’s more flexible in terms of plug-ins and layouts. Of course with more flexibility comes more work (though not necessarily). We’ll see. I’ll set up a test/demo version and see if I like it.

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