For the most part, nothing in and of itself is inherently good or evil. Guns aren’t evil, but they can be used for good or evil. Movies aren’t evil, but they can be used for good or evil. Sex isn’t evil, but it can be used for good or evil. The same is true for MySpace.

A few weeks ago (in youth group) we talked about tests. Different tests God puts us through to strengthen our faith and to show us how much (or how little) faith we really have, how strong (or weak) our relationship is with Him. Anything can be a test. Even MySpace. MySpace is an example of the test that asks the question, “When are you a Christian? When are you a follower of Jesus?”

When are you a Christian? What does it mean to be a Christian? What does it look like? Several times we see phrases like “in Christ” or “abiding in Him” or “found in Him”. One way to picture this is a pool. When you get into a pool you are in, abiding in, found in the water. When you get out of the pool other people can tell you’ve been in the water because you are all wet. Water is dripping off of you. That’s kind of what it looks like to be a Christian, to have a relationship with Jesus. It’s what you do. It’s what you are. Others can see when you have and when you have not been in the water. If you look dry no one would know you were in the pool.

I’m trying to continually emphasize the concept that we have a relationship with Jesus. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend everyone knows about it. They know about it because of gossip for one thing. They know about it because you share it with others. They know about it because they see you two together, spending time with each other. Why are you with each other? Because you have feelings for one another. You want to be together. No one has to force you to be together, or remind you that it’s important to be together to keep your relationship going. It is supposed to be the same with Jesus. If you really love Him, everyone will know about it for the same reasons everyone will know if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend that I just wrote about.

So, when are you a Christian? How much time do you spend in Christ? Can others tell that you are regularly, continually in Him? Does He drip off of you onto the floor? Do you get others who are dry all wet? Do others see you spending time with Him? If you have a MySpace page it is one of the areas of your life where others can see and tell if you are in Christ. It’s a social networking website that is designed to allow you to share your life with others. What do you put there for others to see? What kinds of pictures of yourself or your friends do you put there? What kind of surveys/bulletins do you send out for others to answer/read? What kinds of graphics/icons/music do you post for others to view/hear? When someone visits your MySpace page, what do they leave thinking/knowing about you? Your life there is just as real as your life outside of cyberspace.

My goal is never to make anyone feel guilty. If your life (cyber or real) doesn’t reflect a relationship with Jesus at this point that can change just as easily as when you begin a relationship with a person. Jesus has handed you a note asking you to go out with Him. If you have been answering Him, “No”, you can always change your mind. If you don’t want to go out with Him, then don’t pretend that you are just to maintain appearances. Jesus is looking for a real relationship with you. What is your answer?