Do you ever have those moments where you feel drained? It’s as if you got to the point with your emotional gas tank where the light has been on for a while and you’ve finally drained that reserve. It can hit at any point of your day, week, hour, whatever. Sometimes you wake up empty. I came across an interesting verse in the life of Elisha that I can really resonate with in this regard.In 2 Kings 3, the Kings of Judah and Israel are going to team up against against some enemies. Neither of these kings were particularly Godly, especial the King of Israel in the north. At a moment of need, these two kings sought the word of the Lord as to what to do in their battle. Why? They ran out of water. They ran out of life.

They found Elisha who was reluctant to help because he had no respect for the King of Israel, only for the King of Judah. When he said he was going to help, the first thing he said was this. “But now, get me a musician.” (2 Kings 3:15 NET)


In this instance he didn’t go off to a cave, or the wilderness, or go on a fast. He needed some music to get in to his prophetic groove. We don’t know what it was he had on his playlist. Perhaps some Psalms? Some early Rolling Stones (c’mon, those guys are old!). Whatever it was, the result was, “When the musician played, the Lord energized him.” (2 Kings 3:15 NET) Others translations say something like, “the hand of The Lord came upon him.”

When is the last time you listened to some good worship music outside of church on Sunday? I’ve often told people, “If you don’t like what we play on Sunday, get some stuff you do like and crank it up wherever you are!” Do we really need to talk about how easy it is to take music with you wherever you go?

If you feel tired, week, exhausted, running beyond empty, try what Elisha did. Get some upbeat Jesus music on. Maybe even dance a little. Find your favorite stuff. Might be old-school Supertones or DC Talk. Might be even older-school Keith Green or Whiteheart. Might be new stuff from Jesus Culture. Whatever it is, get the music on and get energized. Get the hand of The Lord upon you. Soul, be energized!