In an earlier blog entry I ranted on about how some people ask, “Where is God?” because their lives seem to be spiraling out of control. A lot of it had to do with perception. Perception of God, perception of our own circumstances, perception of God’s responsibility for things. But there is another side of the coin to consider; our responsibility to choose.

I’m not going to get into the whole free will predestination thing here except to say that from our human perspective of eternity we make choices. We choose what to wear, what to eat, to turn left or right at the intersection. Again, I’m speaking from our perspective of time not God’s. That’s a whole other ball of yarn for another thread (haha).

In the other blog people ask, “Where is God?” Perhaps the question also needs to be, “Where am I?” Our American culture has adopted a very strong victim mentality. Nothing is our fault. When we do something wrong we aren’t really responsible for it. Pressure at home, from friends, our culture are blamed for all kinds of things. My own kids seem to be falling victim to the victim mentality. “I hit him because he did this.” Now people who murder other people get off the hook because it really wasn’t their fault, they are just the product of a violent and selfish society.

While these things are true to a degree there is something called personal responsibility. If we feel distant from God, who moved? Not God. Who does that leave? If we decide to disobey God and have sex with anyone we choose and we get an STD or pregnant (or both), whose fault is that? God’s? Nope. If we take that fist “innocent” hit of pot and end up being a full-blown drug addict, is that God’s doing? Not at all. “Why didn’t God stop me from doing it? If He loves me He would stop me.” That’s just not how it works. That’s not love. Love is providing us a way of escape from every getting caught up in all this junk in the first place. Love says, “You don’t have to go there. There is something better.” His name is Jesus.

We don’t have to be slaves to this stuff. We can choose, we can draw on God’s strength, we can die to ourselves and be brand new creations through Jesus. I still have a burden to see people freed, but they have to choose to be freed. Slavery is an unfortunate fact of American history. The forced servitude and abuse of one human being to another. Spiritual slavery is different. We can choose to not be slaves of sin, of society, and be slaves to God’s love and grace instead.

Let my people go, by choice.