Yesterday was the initial release of the 3G iPhone. For grins I drove by an AT&T store at about 9:45 and there was still a line. It was short. I took my chances and asked if they had any left and they were sold out a few people ahead of me. SInce I have an original iPhone I wasn’t in too much of a rush. It occurred to me that they might have more later that evening when FedEx arrives so I went by again later. They still didn’t have any and offered to sell me one they would ship to me in a few days, or come back the next day and take my chances in line.

Still not in a rush I opted out of the mail thing, but later decided, for grins to go early and see how things go. That’s where I am now, in Tanasborne, around the corner by the exit of the Starbucks drive-through. I”d post pictures but there is a row of trees across the street blocking the early morning sun, so everything is in shadow. (Something poetic in there I’m sure.) So, here I am, sucking down a Venti iced mocha and a piece of Portland Coffee Cake (THE best kind), waiting in line, not sure if I will make the cut.

I’m told that the Apple Stores get way more phones (like 300 compared to about 50 at the AT&T stores). But I imagine that’s swamped as well. I guess I’m in this more for the experience than anything else. Some great people watching. It seems there is a spectrum for these kinds of things. At one end is Sci-Fi conventions. I went to a Trek convention when I was in middle school. THAT was a scary experience! I was/am a Trek fan and all, but this was crazy weird. I was #3 in line at the Apple Store when Leopard was released. That was up the social scale a few steps. Some geeks, and some just regular people who lived a digital lifestyle. That’s kinda what this is here, but more on the normal side that the geeky side of the pendulum. Regular men and women who want the neat gadget. The “cool people” crowed, according to some, would be like concert tickets or waiting to get into a concert or something. No geeks there. Well, geeks of a different color perhaps.

Anyway, I’ll post ya later how it goes.

I got one!