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Monday starts the CC Senior Pastors Conference. Having some social anxiety disorder means that I’m not as excited about going to this thing as others might be. Kelley Taylor actually had to bribe me to go this year. Personally, I can get as much out of the DVDs as being there. But I guess there is something to be said for getting your name and face out there. But here is what bugs me the most. I don’t like eating with other people. That’s just true in general but especially in a room full of yakity-yak pastors. I don’t like having the same conversation at every meal. “What’s your name? Where you from? Where is that? How long have you been there? Did you start it? How many are you running?” I guarantee that I will be asked that set of questions at every meal. 10 times I’m going to have to talk about the same thing. At least.

I’m really going out of morbid curiosity. This year’s theme has to do with pastoring in the last days. In addition to teaching through 1 Thessalonians there are going to be some extra large-group sessions on particular theological points that CC holds to and their opposing positions are wrong. One in particular, the one by Warren Smith (no relation to Chuck) is supposed to be “interesting”. My understanding is that it has to do with something about Rick Warren, the Emergent Church, and some other stuff. I’ve heard that some are planning to not go to this one. I just want to hear what the guy has to say in person and see if any action happens.

Anyway, I will most likely be writing from there, possibly even some video stuff. We’ll see. More later!

  1. Corby, it is so good to know that there is someone else like me in Calvary Chapel. I remember connecting with something you said recently on the SMP website about how frustrating it is to talk to other pastors, especially at conferences about the stuff going on in our lives. I hardly ever talk or make friends with Pastors at the conferences because it’s like you said. You begin to speak and then get cut off with a, “Well brother, this is what you have to be doing…blah, blah, blah.” And I’m thinking, no, I just wanted a friend who knows what things are like; because you can’t tell these things to people at the church, and would just like to get things off my chest. I don’t need you to tell me what to do. I have my own relationship with the Father and He tells me what to do. But I do need someone to hang out with and many times I’d rather call up an old non-believing friend to share with, just because they won’t be so judgmental of my shortcomings or weirdness that is apparent when compared to other pastors.

    And then I have to laugh at your desire not to go to the conference and sit at the table to eat and do that same conversation over and over. That actually bugs me so much that when I can, I go off-site at a conference to eat, or sit in the middle of guys I take with me so they get asked all the questions and I can eat.

    Anyway, I love to talk to ya sometime as it sounds like we have a lot of common feelings. I like what you are saying on the PP site too. I want to jump in and say a few things as I get so sick to my stomach over the way they attack the Father’s work in our ministry, but I am so busy with work, I could hardly keep a conversation going. But I might give it a shot sometime if I can. Take care. Ed.

  2. James – Sounds like fun!

    Ed – I’d love to talk with you. Are you here at the conference? If not just shoot me an email or a phone call.

  3. No, I am not there. I’ve never been able to afford to go. I am in KY and usually go to the East Coast PC that Joe Fotch sponsers, which is an excellent conference, and then some others in my region. I’m not sure how to email or call you though, so maybe you can send me your info to the email connected to this message. Thanks.

  4. meal time… the scariest time ever at the spc. I was glad to spot you on the fringe of the crowd for lunch on Monday, doing what I was doing… standing on the fringe being scared…

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