Help me do this right and well

Yes, the nearly 200 people on this email list are predominantly friends and family. Thank you for getting on the list. We all have goals in life that we aren’t always able to pursue. I’ve jumped out in faith and have started to pursue a goal I’ve always had, but this time with more intentionality: helping people weave God’s word into the fabric of their lives. To that end I’m moving away from the “Introvert on the Internet” theme and toward “Weaving God’s Word Into Life.”

If you haven’t read them yet, these two posts are key to understanding my journey in this process. Please give them a read.

In an effort to be an intentional Kingdom builder (who happens to be a bit ADD), I have made a 9-question survey that will help me keep my focus and know what is most beneficial to others. Please take a few minutes to fill it out.

  • Help Me To Help You Survey

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, especially through these growing pains. Feedback is most helpful. Second most helpful is sharing of content on social media. To that end I will be changing the Comments part of the website to use Facebook, which is where most of you hangout online. Please comment on posts and help us build a community of Word Weavers!

Photo: Land surveyors in Springfield, OR