While I was attending the University of Washington a guest speaker came to the church I was attending to put on a weekend seminar about the integrated nature of the Bible. He wasn’t an amazing speaker to be sure. However, there was something about what he did that The Lord used to get his hands on me. From that time on I knew that I wanted to be a communicator of God’s word.

I would be thrilled to come and share with your group. Weekend retreats, camps, midweek or evening services, you name it, I’m in. Here is a sampling of some of the places I’ve had the chance to share.

Some of the audio files from these events are available here. Feel free to contact me.

I would love to share with your church, small group, camp, or retreat, how you can intentionally connect God’s word to your life.

  • Give your pastor a weekend or midweek off and I’d be happy to fill in.
  • How to study the Bible in a one session summary or multiple day in-depth sessions.
  • Topically themes teaching for your specific need. Some examples;
    • The Holy Spirit
    • The End Times
    • Creation
    • One Testament – Connecting Old and New Testaments as one.
    • Youth and young adults topics
  • Bible books in summary and in depth
  • You can find an archive of audio, video, and teaching notes of most of my Bible teaching at www.thebluethread.org