What a great first Sunday. The people were very warm, very welcoming, very loving, and very excited to have us there. God also arranged a special bonus prize for that Sunday.

On the Tuesday before this Sunday I was contacted by a guy representing a musician named Kathleen Carnali. He said they were on a tour out of Nashville, that they were going to be in the Portland area playing a coffee house and at Crossroads Community Church over in Vancouver. Crossroads? That’s my old stomping grounds. If they were good enough for them they were good enough for us. I listened to Kathleen’s stuff on her website just to see what her style was like. It was good stuff. So I arranged to have them lead worship for us and play a couple of original tunes.

What a great experience that was! Very real, very genuine people. She had Stevie playing djembe and other percussions toys, Rebecca playing violin and singing backup, and Kathleen played keys and sang. Her husband Brett mixed sound. Very rich, very sweet worship. Thanks you guys! And the church loved it as well. I got nothing but good comments. In fact one very young couple who visited for the first time asked, “Are these guys here every week?” I had to tell them no. I hope the couple comes back anyway!

Anyway, The first Sunday went great. People were also excited about the series on the Holy Spirit. I was a little nervous going in because I was going to reference Spiderman and Superman as illustrations of our relationship to the Holy Spirit. I got lots of good feedback. For some folks it was the first time they really got the concept of the struggle between the old man and the new man, the flesh and the Spirit. That’s always great to hear.

I’m looking forward to many more Sundays and seeing what the Lord is going to do.