The first night sleeping after arriving in Europe can be a tough one. Reason being, your body is still it the other time zone 9 hours away. Three of the five os us staying in the dorms at the Bible college were up, active, and ready for the day by 4am. Two of us managed to stay in bead and make ourselves sleep. I was one of those. I woke up at three, then 4, then 5:30, but made myself go back to sleep each time. I was actually a few minutes late for breakfast after I got all showered and dressed. What’s for breakfast at CCBC Siegen? Scrambled eggs, toast, cereal, and some traditional German meat, cheese, and bread if you like. I had the eggs and toast. šŸ™‚

Sean and I had the privilege of a 3.5 hour drive to Leipzig. On the Autobahn no less. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about any of this. It’s just kinda funny and I’m trying to give a flavor of what it was like. We rented a VW Polo. A five-speed, 1.3 liter gutless wonder to drive on the freeway with no speed limits (for the most part). If we went much faster than 140kph (something like 80 or 90 mph) the car got a little shaky and the engine would be screaming. The landscape was amazingly similar to the north-eastern US. Lots of hardwood forests, hills, and valleys. Oh, and lots of those electricity generating wind turbines. Lots of them. You could see some castle remnants on the hill above some of the villages. Those were neat too.

Thankfully, David Guzig (the director of CCBC) lent us his GPS to get to where we were meeting out contact. Otherwise, we would still be lost. We had some trouble returning the car because the Avis placed had moved, and no one knew where it was. But with some help of our contact we figured it out, got the car returned, and to their place. We are actually staying in the flat of some of the guys from CC Leipzig. It’s a bachelor pad. Actually, it’s kind of cool. They call it a house, but it’s basically an apartment. It’s in one of those long buildings you see in the movies of flats in Germany, built pre WWI I think. When you walk into the flat you are in a central area, kind of like a hallway. All of the other rooms are behind doors off of this hallway. All of them. The kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms and living room.

We hung out for a while and decided to go out so Sean and I could stay awake until local bedtime. Unfortunately it was raining pretty good tonight so we couldn’t see too much. We did go to a thing called “The Monument to the Battle of the Nations.”Notice the people standing at the bottom and use your imagination as to how big this thing is.

After that we headed for a place called the “Coffe Baum.” Its the second oldest coffee house in Europe. (That’s Sean, myself, and Cary who is a missionary to the church hear from Calvary Fellowship.) I have no idea what the name of the dinner was, but it was good. It had the sort of home-fries like Jess makes and beer-battered fried pork bits. It was very yummy. And no, I didn’t have any coffe, I wanted to sleep tonight. Besides, coffee was like four Euros or something.

We ended the night with quick walk by Thomas Church. It was a quick walk because it started raining again. This is the church were Bach served as a Cantor and wrote much of his music. A house he lived in was next door to the church.

It was time to head back to the flat, meet with the pastor of CC Leipzig and talk about the plan for tomorrow morning. He is going to drop me off at the train station for my trip adventure to Berlin. I am looking forward to it because of all of the history that is there. Hopefully many more pics (and in the daytime too) from my two days there. Nighty!