Episode 15 – Bill Ritchie

Episode 15 – Bill Ritchie

If you listened to 93.7 KPDQ in Portland, Monday through Friday at noon, you would have heard his voice and that song. That was Bill Ritchie, founding pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, WA, my first pastor, and still my favorite Bible teacher.


I recently managed to get some time with Bill. We had a great chat about how he grew in his own personal experience with God’s word, plus loads of practical advice for people to build the Bible into their lives. I recently managed to get some time with Bill. We had a great chat about how he grew in his own personal experience with God’s word, plus loads of practical advice for people to build the Bible into their lives. There is so that could be mined here, its kinda crazy. While there will be a lot of highlights in the show notes, I do strongly urge you to listen to this and take your own notes. It’s a gold mine!

Here is my conversation with Bill, recoded on July 13th, 2016, in my living room. For bonus point, you can play “Name that sound” as there are plenty of background additions to identity.

Highlights from Bill Ritchie

I have two pages of notes in my notebook on that one. So much good stuff in there. I will be stealing, er, adopting much of that for future blog posts, so thanks Bill! I’m hoping that won’t be my only interview with him. There is so much experience in there, it needs to be brought out and shared. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Deep relationship with God starts with knowing
    • God loves you
    • Jesus died and rose again for you
    • He has cleansed you and set you free
  • The God you speak about and the God to whom you pray need to be one and the same.
  • Learn and understand the difference between being taught how to think and what to think.
  • Parenting
    • Parents invest the word into your kids. Flash cards, skits, whatever it takes.
    • Everything is a Bible-principle teaching opportunity.
    • Prepare your kids for the world, don’t hide them from it.
    • Surround your kids with Godly influences in their peers and other adults.
    • Pastor, and anyone else, do you lead a double life; one public faith and a different private one?
    • Find ways to do Psalm 119:11 for yourself and your kids
  • Devotional reading. Bill has read the Bible once a year for as long as I’ve been alive!
    • Every day
    • Reading the whole Bible is better than bits and pieces, because we don’t live in bits and pieces
    • Holy Spirit can’t teach from a vacuum
    • Bible doesn’t change, we do.
    • Little deposits add up over time.
  • “Lead from the future, act in the now.”
  • Living reactionary vs intentional lives.
  • Whenever you plan, whatever you plan, even if its stuff to do with your free time, you will be happier doing it and feel better.
  • Bible reading can be a discipline!
  • Study – simplest study is just to dig in. Get an app and learn how to use it. Get a study guide and go through it. Get started with something.
  • “Stop. Challenge. Choose.”
    • The Blue Thread – we all need reminders to act.
    • Need self discipline in normal as much as spiritual life.
    • Take a verse from your reading for the day and intentionally try to work it into conversation that day.
  • New Believer Kit
    • In the word daily as discussed
    • Prayer
    • Meditate – get quiet before the Lord, even for just five minutes, and listen for Him to speak. Might be something from what you read.
      • Intentionally expect God to speak
      • You get out of it what you bring to it
    • Study as discussed
    • Find a church that will build you up, and your family, in the things of the Lord
      • Don’t go for programs for your kids
      • The safety briefing on a plane tells you to put on your oxygen mask first, so that you can then help your kids. Same principle.
  • Its never to late to hear from God and act on it.

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Name That Sound Bonus Points

  • Wilson the Tap-dancing Dog
  • Neighbor and his electric sander
  • Ice machine

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