To say that Kate White is a musician and a mentor just isn’t enough. Her ministry “Music That Maters” is making a difference in the lives or people in every possible place in our culture.

I realize that I probably say this every episode, but I really enjoyed this interview. I knew Kate was a kindred spirit in many respects, but the way God used His word in her life is very similar to my own. I got chills.

Kate White and Friend

Kate White and Friend

You are going to want to get something to take notes because there are some serious nuggets of wisdom in this lady. Seriously, if you can’t take notes now, listen again later and take some then. She gives some great lists of very practical wisdom seemingly off of the top of her head.

This interview was recoded on June 17th, 2016, in my living room, with Wilson the tap dancing dog in the background from time to time.

We could have kept going! Here are some highlights.

  • I love the idea that you can serve God while still in the healing and restoration process. Sometimes that is the last part of the healing process, using your gifts for God.
  • When she talked about how we should go to God, go to His word, ask for God to speak, and then expect to receive from Him isn’t new, but the way she walked through it was very powerful and freeing, for me at least. It takes all the pressure off of us.
  • The description of mentoring others, and being a mentored by others, using the shape of a diamond, so awesome! In case you are wondering, its like a diamond on a playing card, not like at a jeweler.
I could go on and on but, I’ll just listed to the interview again instead.

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