It’s been a while since I’ve written any kind of product review, and I don’t intend to start with this. I will say that I recently purchased a couple of items for my iPad and they are, in a word, cool.

My wife love bags, purses and shoes. I’m into iPad/iPhone cases and computer bags. I was about #25 in line to pick up my pre-ordered iPad and I got the Apple case at the same time. I liked it (the case). I used it for several months until a wider variety of cases became available. Some made the iPad seem like a toy. Others were somewhat bland and stale, no style. Most tech bags are the same. All function, no form. Either that or they are made for 15-year-olds, and I’m more than double that. I may be getting older, but I like to think I have some cool left in me.

While reading through a Macworld post on iPad cases I came across a company and a case I had not seen before. The company (and case) are called DODOcase (based in San Francisco). Their website and pictures say it all so I won’t get too descriptive here. Like I said before, they are just cool. While they aren’t made to make your iPad bullet-proof they do offer enough protection for everyday use. Some have been critical of its price to which I say, “Bah.” Sure, it’s on the higher end of cases in it’s class, but you are paying for the craftsmanship. There is something to be said for that. It’s handmade right here in the USA. Hard-core nerds might not care for it, but if you’re part geek and part creative-type like me, it fits right in that sweet spot.

The people at DODOcase have partnered with another San Francisco based company that makes computer bags called Rickshaw. All the materials they use are made in the USA. They make the bag when you order it. They got together with DODOcase and designed a custom bag just for the DODOcase. It’s big enough for some extra books and articles, yet it’s a relatively small bag. Also something I was looking for as others were too big or too small (hello Goldilocks!).

Be sure to visit both sites for their picts, videos, and other goodies. You can get the DODObag only through DODOcase. If you buy them both they offer a bundle price which is a great deal. Here are some picts of my new favorite things.