Have you ever taken a multiple choice test? Changes are you have. The tests go something like this.

2 + 2 = (a) 1, (b) 2, (c) 3, or (d) 4.

Sometimes there is an “(e) all or none of the above” but for the moment those aren’t an option. There is only one right answer to this question and it is (d) 4. The other answers are great numbers but they are they are the wrong answers to the question. So far I can’t imagine that anyone would have any trouble with what I’m saying. Just wait, trouble is coming. 

Much of our world today is trying to unite the world under the idea “unity in diversity”. In other words, it is our diversity of culture and beliefs that makes us strong. How a world can be strong when it’s citizens believe contradictory things makes no sense to me, but the world wants to have its cake and eat it too. The world wants unity under no one thing, other than the idea that we can have unity with all things being equal.  They say, “Don’t force your view on me,” while they force their view on you. Hm. At any rate, my point is that unity in diversity is impossible. Just as there is only one right answer to 2 + 2 there is only one right worldview. But lets take the “diversity approach to this math problem and see what happens.

Imagine you tried to balance your checkbook and you could decide for yourself how math worked. After all, you have your way and other people have their way, and that’s what makes us stronger. Right? At the end of trying to find your bank balance you discover that what you say and what your bank says is very different. Your math says you have much more money than you bank says, and they want their money. In fact, it’s so different, you can’t every repay it. Hm. How can we buy a Coke and sing in harmony about this? The reality is that you can’t both be right. One of you is the authority in the situation, and one of you is not. “But their can’t be authority. We all have the freedom to do things our own way.” Really? Are you sure? The reality is that the bank is the authority and they care going to take over your account until you can repay them. You are no longer the authority. You never really were.

This same picture applies to the world’s relationship with God. God is the bank. His math is right. He is the authority. When we do our math our way it doesn’t line up with God’s math and God’s way. One of us is wrong, and it isn’t God. Because we have done things our way we have a debt to God that we can never repay. Never. There really isn’t God way or our way, there is only God’s way. We like to think we have a way, but we don’t. So what do we do about this debt we can never repay? I’m glad you asked.

God wants to set us free from this debt, but it must be paid. This debt cannot simply be erased, it must be paid somehow. That is what God did through Jesus. He paid off the debt for us. Our debt was transfered to Jesus account. We are free! Are we free to continue doing our math our way? Of course not. Why would we when we now know we’ve been doing it wrong all along? We ought to be thankful for this debt payment. We ought to want to work for the Lord with our whole heart and mind. Not to try and pay it back, because that’s impossible. We ought to want to because we love Him, because He first loved us.

Diversity leads to debt and moral bankruptcy. That much is clear as we just watch the news and what’s happening in our own neighborhoods. We need to come and see that there is only One Way. His Way. Jesus.