Connected Verses

Joshua 3 and Matthew 3


Joshua 3-4

  • The Israelites had been camping around the wilderness until the generation that left Egypt but still didn’t trust God had died off. Joshua was now in charge and it was times to cross the Jordan River and begin taking the Promised Land.
  • God stopped the rover which was at flood stage some distant upstream. The people crossed over. As a part of this each tribe was to grab a large stone from the riverbed and make a pile as a monument, an object lesson, to future generations.
  • Joshua was to make a pile of 12 stones in the middle of the riverbed itself for the same purpose.

Matthew 3

  • Baptism was a common ritual of the day. It was for washing away the old and being made clean and new. It was also for publicly declaring that you were following someone or something.
  • Jesus was baptized as an example. His baptism was also of fire, as the Holy Spirit fell on Him and The Father endorsed Jesus verbally.
  • Read the first part of Romans 6 on how baptism is a picture of our burial and resurrection to new life in Jesus.

How Are These Two Threads Connected?

  • These two events happened at or near the same place on the Jordan River!
  • The place where Israel started its new beginning is the same place where our Jesus who is our new beginning demonstrated what a new beginning looks like. Baptized in water and baptized with the Spirit.
  • What about the rocks on the shore? They were a reminder of what God had done. Baptism can serve the same function. What about the rocks in the river? Think about, which is an application for you to weave into your life.


  • The people who were raised with this history knew those rocks were there, but no one ever saw them. The only time anyone might see them is when the water got low. If it got low enough, you could see the monument.
  • The river brings life. When life is low you need a reminder of what God has done. Baptism can serve that function. You made a choice to obey just like the Israelites. You can trust God when things are hard and resources are tight.
  • If you haven’t been baptized I would encourage you to do so. If you have, take a few moments today and remember that experience.

[reminder]What was life like before? How did you feel? What was life like after?[/reminder]


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