Genesis 7:13-14, 8:20 Natural Selection is God’s Idea
The evolutionist explains the creationist view like this. “Creationists believe that God created all the animals in the form we see them today in the locations we see them today.” They then say that the reality is that animals have changed over time and we observe these changes today. Hence, evolutionism is true and creationism is wrong. If that is what creationists believe today, or believed in the past, then they would be wrong. But that is not what the Bible teaches. In the beginning, God created all living things with genetic variability built-in to their DNA. This variability would provide for all the combinations required to make different colors of eyes, skin, hair, fur, feathers, scales, different sizes and shapes of beaks (Darwin’s finches), any and all possible combination required for adapting to the various climates on Earth. Animals and humans didn’t gain the ability to adapt in certain ways, that ability to adapt based on environmental pressures was included in the original DNA of the creature in question. The scientific truth is that we have not gained information, we have lost it. When a kind of animal adapts, over time it loses the other traits that aren’t needed or are a hindrance in their environment. This is why dogs with long hair (like wolves) survive in cold climates and dogs with short hair (like dingos) survive in hot climates. People with light skin live closer to the poles and people with darker skin live closer to the equator. Isn’t God smart? This is actual natural selection. Certain genetic traits persevere while other are lost. It isn’t the gaining, it is the losing. Thank God for His wisdom and forethought in something as small as our DNA.

Psalm 9:9-10 Another Way to Test How Well You Know God
What do you do in times of trouble? When one of the hoses in your car breaks and the fluid is flying, when the collections agency calls because the doctors office was sending the bill to the wrong address for five months and you had no idea you even owed anything, what do you do? Those who know God’s name put their trust in Him. They seek the Lord in times of trouble. The don’t panic, they don’t stress out, they don’t let anger, sadness, or frustration take over as they can so easily do. They put, place, set, hand over their trust at the throne of grace. That doesn’t mean they are in la-la land and repeat to themselves, “Nothing is wrong, I have no problems, everything is perfect.” It does mean that the fist thing they do when the trouble comes is they seek the Lord. They seek Him for peace and comfort when the stress and frustration want to take over. They pray, “Lord, I’m in the situation and I need your help. I know you can get me through this. I know you can provide for the need that I have. I know you can work this out. Help me out. Teach me to trust you more through this.” It sound easy enough, and it seem easy to write. But when you are in the moment it isn’t always as simple. That’s why the more we go through the trouble, the easier it will be, and the more instinctive it will be to do. The hard part is having to go through it to learn it. But it’s worth it when the heavy stuff comes.

Matthew 6:22-23 What You See Is What You Get
Obviously Jesus isn’t just talking about your physical eyes with pupils, retinas, lenses and all that. He’s talking about how what you see effects your spirit, your heart, and your mind. When you watch violence, your mind is filled with violence. When you watch soap operas, your mind is full of gossip and immorality. When you look at pornography your mind and heart are full of lust. You are what you eat. Garbage in, garbage out. What you see is what you get. What is it you want to come out of your life? That’s what you need to fill your life with. You need to be deliberate about it. You need to be careful about it. Fill it with God’s word. Fill it with love and compassion. Fill it with justice and righteousness. Your mind and heart are like a Tivo, but not so easily erased. If one were to plug your brain into a TV and hit the “play” button, what would they be watching? The reality is that God can see that at all times. If that scares you then you have some work to do. I’m not trying to get you with guilt, I’m trying to keep you on guard. You cannot have guilty pleasures and Godly pleasures at the same time. So check your specs. Clean the glasses of your heart and mind so that you will be full of light and not darkness.