Job 39
Have you ever wondered why certain animals do the things they do? The simple answer is that God made them that way. God programmed animals to behave in certain ways. He has a plan. He has a purpose. These things are they way they are because this is the way He made them. And no one is in any position to say, “God, you did it in a stupid way. I would have done it way better.” Yet this is what people say. This is what Job was saying. This is what people say about God’s plan of salvation through Jesus. They say that it’s a stupid things to do to sacrifice one’s own Son. They say Jesus was dumb for not seeing what was coming. When we question the motivations of the Creator and Judge of the Universe we put ourselves in the position of judge over Him. That just isn’t how it’s supposed to be. It’s one thing to be curious and wonder why God does what He does and why He does things a certain way. It’s another to want to know why and then to evaluate if the answer is good enough or not. Perhaps the most humble thing anyone can say is, “I don’t know.” This is where God was trying to get Job. Perhaps the best thing to add to that is, “I don’t know, and I trust you, God.”

Malachi 1:4
Some people have decided, for no really good reason other than they just want to, to fight against God. They have decided that they are going to live in defiance of God. They are going to stick it to Him and live life on their own terms. They build up and build up and build up, only to have it torn down by the Lord. They can’t win. They won’t win. They take one step forward and two steps back. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The purpose behind God tearing down isn’t to see them destroyed. Rather, it is to see them repent. If they do repent they will be received as the long lost son. If they don’t they will continue to be seen as the enemy of God. God doesn’t want to break us and leave us that way. He wants to break us and then rebuild us. If you know someone who is like this keep praying for them, that they may be broken, that they may repent, and be rebuilt and renewed in God’s love.

Revelation 17:14
Back in Genesis 11 the world had one language and one desire; to defy God and do things their own way. God Himself said that those people would be able to do anything they put their mind to. This is why He confused their language. That, and to get them to obey His command to split up and go all of the planet making babies. When you look at history it is amazing the things people have done. Architecturally, scientifically, creatively, morally, we have done some amazing things. Some of them seem impossible to the point of absurdity, yet they happened. The holocaust, 9/11, building a space station, the music of Mozart, causing light to travel slower than normal, some crazy stuff that had one tried to predict, they would have sounded insane. Yet here in Revelation, we read about mankind deciding to make conventional-style war against Jesus. The world has already been waging academic, philosophical, and religious war against Jesus. Now they are going to try and physically go to war with Him. Just as the world has failed in other areas to bring Jesus down, so they will be unsuccessful in this way as well. The war isn’t just against Jesus but against those who are with Him. If you are in Christ then that’s you too. You are called, chosen, and faithful. If you are in Christ you are at peace with God. If not, you are at war with Him. I’m sorry to tell you this but you will lose. But the good news is that it isn’t too late to switch sides. All you have to do is pledge allegiance to the Lamb.