Job 34:5-6
It’s amazing how quickly our own shortcomings can disappear when we are dealing with some kind of suffering. We say things like, “I haven’t done anything that bad. I haven’t raped or murdered anyone. Why is this happening to me?” or “I’m not as bad as (insert name of notorious person here). I don’t deserve this.” Whether or not we have done anything specifically do deserve what we are facing really isn’t the point. We like to think that if we can figure out the “why” we can either fix it or deal with things better. Who is our attention on? Ourselves. Who ought our attention be on? The Lord. Not to blame, not to seek justification for what is happening to us, but to worship and to put on the throne of our lives.

Zechariah 10:2
The difference between legalism and holiness is where your heart is. So when I say what I’m about to say, understand that I’m not being legalistic, I’m trying to get people to think about where they are getting their information. Why? Because we have people who say that Jesus is their Lord and savior who are getting the direction for their life from household idols and diviners. Which afternoon shows do you have set to record in your DVR and all set to watch religiously? Are Oprah an Dr. Phil more of a regular daily influence on your life than the Holy Spirit and the word of God? Do you regularly follow the lives of the latest celebrity saga, their ups and downs? Or do you follow the lives of people like Jesus, Paul, and Peter? Do you know more about Paris Hilton or Miley Cyrus than Moses or David? Put away the household Gods. Stop listening to the diviners. Fill your heart and mind with the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. You will be eternally better off.

Revelation 11:9
What ark of the covenant is this? Does it really matter? That isn’t a flippant question. What seems to get overlooked (along with most of the Old Testament) is the fact that the pieces of furniture Moses made for the Tabernacle and were later used in the Temple were copies of the originals in Heaven. The Lord showed Moses what he was to make. The result was a kind of model of God’s throne room in Heaven. So the Ark seen here isn’t the copy that Moses made, this is the original. What happened to the copy? Depends on who you ask. Some say it’s long gone. Some say it’s hidden away here or there. Still others say that it has a future role to play in Bible prophecy and it will surface again when the time is right. In all of this is a reminder that it is important to be a disciplined student of God’s word from cover to cover. We can’t really understand the New without the Old, nor the Old without the New (see 11:4 and then read Zechariah). Read it. Learn it. Love it. Live it.