Job 32:2-3
Throughout this whole thing Job has been saying that he hasn’t done anything wrong, that he hasn’t done anything to deserve what he has been going through. He’s right. He hadn’t done anything that specifically prompted God to cause these things to come upon him. His friends were right in that all men have sinned, do sin, and will sin, and get what they deserve in the end. Job was wrong in that he justified himself saying, “I have done nothing wrong.” which leaves it at God must be in the wrong. Big no no. Job’s friends were wrong in that they assumed these things came upon Job because he had done something to deserve them, because God blesses the righteous and curses the evil. But that isn’t always reality at any given time. Ultimately, God can do whatever He jolly well pleases. He doesn’t answer to anyone. At the same time, God has established what is right and wrong, good and evil, wise and foolish, and it would be contrary to His nature and character to do anything wrong, evil, or foolish. Christians today are saying, “God is big and isn’t limited to the Bible.” In one sense that is true. However, God has taken it upon Himself to limit Himself to His own word. If God wants to allow you or I to get cancer it can have nothing to do with us deserving it. If God wants to allow you or I to receive one billion dollars it can have nothing to do with us deserving it. It may turn out that the billion dollars is more of a curse than the cancer could ever be. God is God. He is sovereign. He gives and He takes away and He is still right and good and wise. That is the perspective we need to have and reflect to a world that needs Jesus.

Zechariah 8:13-17
God’s people had been a miserable example to the nations around them for centuries. Sure they had moments where they did it right. but for the most part, they were not what they could have been had they just walked with the Lord. The consequences of their actions were just as God promised. God keeps His promises. No surprise there. He keeps his unconditional and conditional promises. Even so, God reminds his people to speak truth, render judgments that are true and make for peace, and to not devise evil in their hearts. Isn’t that what people want today? Doesn’t that describe the kind of person you and I should want to be? Like they say in VeggieTales, God’s way is the best way. If the world would just walk in the ways of the Lord, we would have all of the justice and peace we want and that God wants for us. But instead the world wants those things on its own terms. It’s impossible. It can’t happen. Why not? Because humans are at the center of it, not the Lord. This is why Christians need to be walking in relationship with the Lord, so that these things flow from our lives naturally. Be the example of God’s peace and justice. Be the example of his compassion and love. be the example of His righteousness so that you can be a blessing to the world.

Revelation 6:2
Did you ever play that game, “Guess who?” when you were a kid? You get behind someone, cover their eyes with your hands and say, “Guess who?” and they have to guess who it is. Sometimes they can recognize your voice and figure it out right away. It’s a fun game when you’re a kid, but at the heart of it is an attempt to deceive, to trick. You don’t want them to know it’s you. That’s what’s happening here in Revelation 6:2. We have a rider on a white horse with a bow and a crown who comes to conquer and to rule. When you read ahead to Revelation 19 we read about Jesus, specifically Jesus, riding on a white horse. Many conclude that they are both Jesus because of the white horse. I believe this is wrong. I believe that in Revelation 6:2 this isn’t Jesus because it doesn’t say it’s Jesus, and because he rides with some lousy company. Satan’s best tool is counterfeiting. He’s great at faking people into believing something is from God when it isn’t, thereby leading people away from the one true God. When we play “Guess Who?” and we have a good relationship with the person covering our eyes, because we know their voice we can easily tell who it is. The same with true with Jesus. the better our relationship with Him, the easier it is to discern His voice, his presence, His word, His Spirit. Without that it can be so easy to be tricked into following something or someone else. Hear His voice, learn it, follow it.